The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) is a National Club with members all over the world, who seek to further the restoration and preservation of distinctive motorcars produced between 1915 and 1948.

The San Diego & Palm Springs Regional Club is one of 29 CCCA regional clubs in the United States. 
The 29 regional clubs constitute the “National Club.”  Our regional club was founded in 1992 with the specific subtitle of “The Touring Region.”  This means that our primary goal is to organize groups of individual members for outings driving our old cars. We are able to be active twelve months of the year, because the largely ideal weather available most of the year somewhere in our two-county region, San Diego and Imperial Counties.  (Two and half counties, actually, as our region also includes southern Riverside County.)

We have many older back-country classic-car-friendly roads available to us in our region, adding significantly to the enjoyment of driving our classic cars.  While some freeway driving is inevitable in Southern California, we strive to use the freeway system only when we are forced to, as a means of getting to a more appropriate and relaxing road.
Our cars were not designed for the current 65 mph speed limits. They are more comfortable at 35 to 50 mph.

The term “Classic Car” needs defining here, in the specific CCCA context.  The National Club was initially founded in 1953 to:

  • Preserve and to enjoy the most prestigious cars built anywhere in the world between 1915 and 1948,

  • Promote fellowship among its members.

Since the formation of the club, the 1925 date has been moved back in time to include cars made since 1915. And the pre-World War Two limits have been extended forward to 1948 to include cars made after the war that are essentially unchanged from 1942 models. Thus the Classic Car Club has its own narrow definition of eligible “classics”.  Other cars, not meeting the CCCA criteria are referred to, within the club, as “non-classics.” One does not have to own a “classic car” as defined by CCCA to become a member.  Interest in the cars of the era is the only criterion needed to apply for membership in the club.

I am honored to be your new SD/PS CCCA Regional director. I look forward to continuing the fine job that the previous leadership has done over these past 27 years. We will continue to drive and display our "Classics" and to introduce to the next generation the excitement and good friendships that being a member of the CCCA can provide. As caretakers of these magnificent machines it is our goal to preserve the heritage, history and future appreciation of these fine motorcars. I hope that many who own classics and are not yet part of our Club will join. I know that the Classic Car experience will also create a lifetime of friendships and many many years of happiness. I look forward to seeing you "on the road".

Michael Adams  
Director of the CCCA / SDPS region.